Randy (2014) by LordDominic

Randy (2014)


15 March 2019 at 05:44:49 MDT

2014 art. Randy, a cyborg dog.

Description from the original submission page:
About Randy:

Originally he was intended as a sort of "cyborg Frankenstein" type of character, with plenty of scars and cybernetic implants and prosthetic limbs because, well, he was kinda sorta a dead dog instead of a live one for a day or so... He has most of his long-term memories and his personality mostly intact, but can't really recall much from the last week or so of his life leading up to being subjected to the rather unethical and most likely illegal "resurrection" experiment at the hands of my omnipresent military faction.

His original design made sense to me back in 2008 or 2009 when I came up with it, and he's still very similar to that aside from his mechanical limbs which have been redesigned. Before, they were literally scaled-down versions of Sable's (a combat droid of sorts) limbs, and in the case of his lower leg and left hand, just sort of attached directly to him. This new design removes the needless armor plating in favor of a rugged yet lighter casing, and his left hand and lower leg prosthetics now feature a bit of additional sheath (like real prosthetic limbs have) to hold them in place rather than the simple metal flange idea I used before. I did make sure to keep his hands the same basic color and style they were before, as much of my art of him has him wearing long sleeves covering his arms so the change in appearance from the wrists up isn't too drastic of a retcon.
I also removed the sutures from his scars here-for some reason, all of my older art kept the sutures in place long after they would have actually been medically necessary to have. He still wears his headband, which covers the scar that circles his head from where they cut into him to get at his brain and operate on it.

As for the various "shrapnel" poking out of him, these are external access points for his various implants. Charging ports for his various implants' power cells, data ports for checking on their functions, a sort of access port for his heart's pacemaker (not visible from this angle), places to connect IV lines and various hoses and wires, stuff like that.

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