Frost (2014) by LordDominic

Frost (2014)


14 March 2019 at 20:06:11 MDT

2014 art. An adopted design, who went on to be named Birger.
2014 seems to be the year I spent the handful of DA points I had accumulated on simple adoptables. Tex, Wolfy, Scraps, Dusty, Penny, Bucky, Deneb, Rosalie, Birger... I'm probably forgetting someone.

Anyways, the original description from the original submission page:

I just fell in love with this one's design, and I don't really have any taur type characters so I thought, why not?

His coloration seems very snow/winter-themed, and he seems to have lots of soft, warm fur, and I'll bet that having more legs could be handy for getting around in the snow and ice. Combined with the fact that I don't have many characters like this, I'm thinking that he might live in the snowy, forested foothills of a mountainous region, with a quiet little cabin where he lives by himself and writes books and studies wildlife. He's rarely without a mug of hot tea or soup while indoors, and he gathers most of his food from the surrounding woods, rarely venturing into town.

He's not antisocial or reclusive though, he simply prefers the quiet woods where he can listen to the birds or go fishing in the nearby lake. He is more than willing to help lost travelers or let them stay in the spare bedroom overnight. He may also work part-time as a guide and/or search-and-rescue since the mountains are fairly popular with hikers, skiers, and other winter sports enthusiasts. He also doesn't mind hitching himself to a dogsled and actually uses one himself when he ventures out in search of firewood, food, or for his trips into town for supplies.

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