Mutant Muffins from the Underworld by loom

Mutant Muffins from the Underworld


20 April 2018 at 13:44:49 MDT

This is a cross-post from FurAffinity.
The original is here:

Play it in your browser:

Or if your graphics drivers are too broken for that, natively in Windows:

You probably have to play the browser version in full-screen for the mouse to be captured.
There is no use key, you just run into doors to open them.

This was a thing very quickly thrown together for a contest hosted by thetunnahaddict last year.

Also thanks to Skyelu (who is also at fault for the muffins dabbing as their attack), miles57 and LumpsOfCole for testing. I hope I didn't forget anyone here, it's been a while.

If you're wondering, Emscripten is a compiler. If you want to compile your C application to the browser, check it out, it works great. It probably also works with C++, but I haven't tried that.
If you're looking for some game maker thing, look elsewhere. Emscripten will not help you with that.

Done by askmeaboutloom askmeaboutloom.


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    nice game, but thing kills it. you can't look around in a full 390o view. that is the only thing putting the game down.

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      Use the full view. Most browsers don't capture the mouse otherwise.

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        what browsers are best for the game?

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          Um, they should pretty much all behave the same. On Windows, it depends on how garbage your graphics driver is. On other platforms, it should just always work.

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            i use Torch, and the corser goes the game. i'd would download the game and try playing it as a file, but i need the 'go head' from you 1ST.

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              Torch is a Chrome-alike, which should work fine when you full-screen it.

              And I don't understand what "playing it as a file" is.
              There's a link to the Windows version in the description anyway:

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                that is what i was talking about when i said "playing it as a file". it worked grate and i can now rate the game. the no sound thing aside, 10 out of 10. may have been short, but it was 100% very well done for sure.