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Alternate account of HierroTatsu and askmeaboutloom.
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This is an alternate collaborative account thing.

Responsible for it are HierroTatsu HierroTatsu and askmeaboutloom askmeaboutloom.

Those are two different people. This account is not a person, it's just an account.
This account's name is confusing and too close to one of the above names, but ain't no way to changing it.

This description could probably be simpler, but a shared account is apparently rare enough to be confusing.

This gallery is a mirror of the FurAffinity one:

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Commissions FAQ

on 3 January 2016 at 11:34:13 MST

These are some frequently asked questions from people taking commissions. There's also answers below them, so that may be interesting to some people.
Also I guess if you have other questions you can ask in the journal comments.

Are y'all open for commissions?

Check this page here.

When does payment happen?

Payment happens when the entire commission is done. You'll be given the PayPal address then.

How much does an animation cost?

That depends on what the animation is supposed to be like. Explain your idea and we can break down the price.

Can I split the cost with others?

You can, but please pool the money first and then send it in one payment. It's just easier with bookkeeping and keeps the PayPal fee chaos to a minimum.

Am I being too detailed?

No you're not. Always give more detail. And if you just now thought of it, send a note right away. It always helps.

Am I being too picky? or Are you still going to change XYZ in this picture?

Probably not. You need to tell us if you see something wrong, then we'll fix it. We'll also fix it repeatedly if it's still wrong. But we need to know about it to fix it.

Do I need a character reference?

No, a detailed description should also be enough. Get your typing fingers ready though, we'll probably have a bunch of questions back and ask for more feedback than with a reference.

Do y'all feel comfortable doing XYZ?

That depends on XYZ, so you'll need to keep asking that question manually. We also don't need to be comfortable at all times.

Can I ink/color/whatever the picture myself? (Alternatively: get it done by a different artist?)

Yes, after your commission is done, you'll have free reign to use and modify it as you please.

I'll do something with the picture, and I'll credit you?

Credit for our work is appreciated, but not required. If you sell the piece or use it for promotion or something, it'd likewise be appreciated that it's not made out like we support or are affiliated with that business.

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    hiya, i like your art X3 just wondering if you are available for an art trade?

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      Maybe, if you have a good idea.

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        Well I haven't done a 18+ art before...

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          Your idea isn't what you'd be drawing anyway, so that shouldn't affect anything :P