Here's a Hot Take for Ya by LonelyLupine

Here's a Hot Take for Ya


28 June 2020 at 16:05:00 MDT

Waaaaay back when I played City of Heroes, the first character I rolled a character which was just spontaneous and not related to anything else I did at the time. She was a Claws/Regen Scrapper (later remade as an Assassin after the archetype propagation,) and she became a beloved creation which I plan to do more with someday. The circle of friends I ran with at the time had their own league, and we would roleplay, and we would pick enemy groups who would be our main rivals. Among the group I settled on, there was the Council, formally the 5th Column, which were a leftover Nazi terrorist group.

Guess you could say I was always a bit AntiFa, because, you know, people were hating Nazis for a long time and it isn't just a fad.

She's been on my mind a lot lately. Can't image why. Might even make this a T-shirt since I've been wanted to do that but I have been lacking in ideas.

Anyway, I'm going to watch how far my follower count falls.

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    Speaking of games, you remind me of my time playing the newer wolfenstein games. I had been playing it as early as Wolfenstein 3D, my parents were big fans of early DOS games along with Doom, Duke Nuke'm, Blood, Hex/Heretic etc, so it was a game I had been following for a long time. When I got to right up inside of Deathshead's Castle and saw the big map of the Scotland with their plans to invade. It felt a lot more personal not just for the 'I f'king live 'ere mate' factor, but also I am a former member of a local ATC (Air Training Cadet Corp) chapter.

    When not being a standard bearer on parade to remember the dead, us back at the hall used to sing the old war songs. One them went something like this: Hitler has only got one ball, Göring has two but very small, Himmler is rather sim'lar, But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all. But ours had it that his ball rolled across the hall having lost it from using a cough doll. Great times. I miss my blue beret.