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(GIFT) Shasta and Reskell by Lockian

(GIFT) Shasta and Reskell


This is a very special gift, for a few special friend of mine,
Shasta has become very close with myself recently, they have been there to help me over-come a lot of my mental health issues, they have always been there with a hug, positive words and understanding whenever I break down, even if its in the middle of a furmeet (true story ;w;)
I really have no idea where I would be there without there care and support in my life, and I would certainly not want to be without it, or them in my life now. I love all of my friends passionately, and they really are the best part about me, and no matter what kind words I can say as to how much they shape and better me as a person, and all of the cute art I can draw them to thank them for there patience and understanding it will never be enough for what they do for me, and how little I deserve it.
Shasta, no matter how down you ever feel about yourself, you are a lovely, fantastic, sweet and caring person, do not put yourself down, as I love you to bits, and are so much more than you give yourself credit for, and I dont mind how often I have to keep reminding you of that, as I know how cruel the mind can be in telling you that you are not worth it, but you are, you really are.
I can be a total sappy git at times, apologies for the long text! :D
His fursona is at the back, mine: Reskell, is in the foreground, characters belong to there respective owners, and the artwork belongs to myself, please do not re-distribute without credit, thanks!
(c) Lockian 4/3/2015