Avatar The Last Airbender, elemental teachers! by Lockian

Avatar The Last Airbender, elemental teachers!


29 December 2016 at 15:47:06 MST

Air, Earth, Fire and Water! the four elements in the fantastic show: Avatar The Last Airbender, and of course The Legend Of Korra as well, which I just finished watching today! I put it off for ages after being a huge ATLA fan but once I gave it a second chance I was hooked!
Here we have a Sky Bison, A Badger Mole, A Dragon and the moon/Tui & La the moon spirits!
They are the original teachers of the bending arts to humans, I LOVED working on these even though it was certainly a challenge! These will be some of the prints that I will have on sale at my dealers den table for Confuzzled! https://2017.confuzzled.org.uk/ Which I am so excited to deal at!
(c) Lockian 29/12/2016