Blakes 7 themed bust badge - Reskell by Lockian

Blakes 7 themed bust badge - Reskell


14 April 2016 at 15:43:39 MDT

Today, I received some very sad news, Gareth Thomas who played Blake in 'Blakes 7' had passed away. Blakes 7 along with classic Doctor Who was a big part of my childhood, my father got me into both and I owned every episode of Blakes 7 on video! Hearing this news today that one of my childhood hero's had sadly passed away prompted me to spend several hours crafting a personal badge that was themed around the show I loved so much. I've been watching a lot of season 2 of the show today while drawing this, it features the federation logo, the teleport bracelets and the guns from the liberator (not sure if they have an official term? lazy BBC props perhaps xD)
The show is super campy, very 80's and stupid at the best of times. That to me is its charm, it makes me smile and brings back nostalgic feelings. Rest in peace Gareth, my thoughts go out to your friends and family and I wish I had been able to tell you what a positive influence you had over my life before your passing.
The character is Reskell, my fursona, Blakes 7 is created by Terry Nation and owned / made by the BBC.
(c) Lockian 14/4/2016
(Badge here is shown un-laminated! I'm loosing light quickly and wanted to get this uploaded)