Birthday Badges! by Lockian

Birthday Badges!


2 February 2016 at 06:32:14 MST

(Left to right!)
Badge for Arro the Lion! A fabulous personal friend, this was a badge for his birthday and its huge! Instead of wearing it, it has pride of place in his living room which im more than okay with! :D
Then we have a badge for Sterling of his character Spencer! I went to his birthday party and gave this to him there, He loves it! I love doing badges with people's twitter handles on it, im always happy to add this to a badge, just ask when you commission me! :D You can see him wearing it with the suit in this photo I took:
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Finally a badge for my good friend Cosmo, we did a badge trade, they did me a amazing badge in return and there one of my longest and closest friends so im always happy to trade with them!
These badges were done a while ago but had to wait until I had given them all out before I uploaded them, I hope you like them, thanks for looking! <3
(c) Lockian 2/2/2016