Garabaldi Drat Fursuit by LobitaWorks

Garabaldi Drat Fursuit


28 October 2016 at 19:20:41 MDT

An artistic freedom fursuit commission of a cute, dopey dragon/rat hybrid! My client's only request was a rat- I came up with the hybrid idea and designed him from the ground up! These are my absolute favorite kinds of commissions because I get to be creative and challenge myself. :)

This fursuit features good vision and ventilation out of the eyes and mouth of the costume. The bodysuit has padded legs and the crotch is low to give it a toonier appearance. The wings are super lightweight, not a burden to wear at all, and very easy to attach and detach from the inside of the costume. I'm proud of my unique design! The ears, nose, fingers, toes, and tail are made from super soft minky fabric. The claws, spikes, and horns are sewn from vinyl, and all the blue vinyl is glittery! So fun and looks great combined with that wonderful sparkly turquoise accent fur. What a labor of love, we're really proud of all the good work that went into bringing this character to life!

You can see how close I got to my original concept art:

We are currently closed for new fursuit commissions for the next several months at least- to be informed when we reopen, I recommend signing up for our mailing list so you can stay in the loop!

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    this is just the cutest thing

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    Oh my gosh! That's so darling! I love it. Brilliant work! :D

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    Wow this looks just like the concept art ! I love that sparkle fur.

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    Oh wow I LOVE him! :D