Romeo Wolf by LobitaWorks

Romeo Wolf


28 July 2015 at 16:24:24 MDT

Finished this toothy punk! He came out so cute, I’m really happy.

The customer said she wanted a male punk wolf and left all the details up to me, so I got to design the character from scratch. These are my favorite commissions!! :) I went with a kinda pastel grunge sort of vibe, with a fun sparkly mohawk, piercings, and big dorky teeth that I individually hand-sculpted. Vision from the eyes is rather good, and the mouth has lots of ventilation and you can even see a little through it. The inside of the head is smooth and fully lined for comfort and a clean look.

Heads, partial suits, and fullsuits are closed until around early 2016, but small orders (gloves, tails, etc) are always open - inquire through email if that’s something that interests you:

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    omggg how fun, what a sweetie

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    I love how this came out! It looks exactly like your concept art too which is like so amazing that you can realize your 2D art into 3D form so perfectly!

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    Awesome :D Love the style and the colours c:

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    Such a beautiful 90s-looking babby! <3

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    AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! This is amazing! The detail is so spot on! This is my favorite head you've done in terms of shape and details! Plus pink and purple punk rock animals are the best!

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    Really loving the way you did the mohawk!