Fursuit-making duo of married couple Denali and PrimalDogAlpha!

Price quotes and new orders will reopen Oct 3rd - 10th! We are accepting all types of commissions from "parts" to fullsuits!

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FREE SHIPPING on Fursuit Spray!

on 24 November 2017 at 01:54:33 MST

Get FREE SHIPPING on your fursuit spray order Friday through Monday with coupon code HOWLIDAY17 in my Big Cartel shop!

Buy one, buy a hundred, doesn’t matter, you’ll get free shipping all the same!

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$ 280.00
Full Fursuits
$ 2450.00
Fursuit Heads
$ 1000.00
$ 95.00
Partial Suits
$ 1450.00
$ 70.00

Commissions opening SEPTEMBER 2017


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    I have a question: If I have most the materials for a full fursuit, would that lower the price?

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      I buy my own materials. If the fur needs to match existing parts, that can be arranged. If you provide matching fur, you'll receive a credit for the exact value of the fur + shipping.

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    Hey there! I have looked at your suits pertaining to the Rat persuasion, and I must say, I will be keeping you in mind for Nate's newest look. I am eager to see if I can get a quote from you for a Partial, at some point. <3 The wearable art you feature is stunning, and, in my opinion, top quality work. Keep it up!

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      Thanks so much for the kind words! We are closed for price quotes and commissions for partial suits currently. May reopen for a couple around April though! To be informed when we reopen, I recommend signing up for our mailing list:

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        Thank you very much. I saw you fine folks were closed, but I figure I'll wait 'round for when you're open. I'll sign up!

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    Thank you so much for the watch~! Im so impressed with your recent possum suit <3