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Hello world! my name is Lixy. I'm a digital artist with a minor fixation with aquatic species, aliens, and satyrs (but I draw a little bit of everything)

This is a secondary site to post my pieces. If you looking to commission me, you can contact me via email at -- or check out my FurAffinity account. All open YCHs and Adopts are done on FurAffinity.

Otherwise, it's great to have you here! Enjoy the growing collection!


-- Lixy


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    Of course! I have to wait till I get to my main account on FA

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    Ive had this one for a while, but now transfering slowly everything I have to this one. Pretty sure Im leaving FA...after 8 freakin years...seems sad! But I will be uploading that freebie I did for you the gorey color?

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    YAY I found you on here!