You make my kokoro go doki~ doki~ by Little Zombie Bites

You make my kokoro go doki~ doki~

Little Zombie Bites

3 February 2015 at 15:20:41 MST

Weeaboo trash for life, yo.

I love your big dumb face. Like. God. Yes.
You are my entire world you big dumb butt and I couldn't imagine being a moment without you. <3

I know this is hella early, but I figured I should go ahead and upload it so that I don't forget it exists (because I am dumb :T). So...yeah. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY YOU BIG GOOFBALL I LOVE YOUR FACE. -facesquishes-

Willow © Keese
Tidbit, art © LittleZombieBites