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Tidbit 24 female

pansexual taken


l o v e s . Vincent Price music bright colours cute things video games sunflowers sweets Pokemon anime drawing ponies

l o a t h e s . thunder storms loud, sudden noises driving spiders snow and ice hot weather


Uhm, hello everyone.

You can call me Tidbit if you want.

I’m really nice—up to a certain point (fair warning: it takes a lot to push my buttons, but you won’t like me once they’ve be pushed)—but I’m not a pushover, okay? I’m also shy and I don’t really talk much, but once I’m used to you, it’s hard to get me to shut up.

I like to draw things for people. I like to draw things for myself. I love getting gift-art of my characters and/or fursona. Also, I’m lazy.

If I’m drawing something for you, it’s okay to send me notes about it…’cause sometimes I get distracted by other things (such as Mass Effect 3) and forget to do it. It’s okay, I promise not to bite you!

My commissions are always open.

Ask me about
art trades.

Art requests depend on my mood and are typically for friends only.


Xbox Live
Badguy Minion

Latest Journal

Fifty theme pony challenge!

Remember all of those “100 theme challenges” that were floating around a while back? Well, I’ve decided to do something a little similar. However, instead of themed doodles, they’ll be themed pony adopts.

You can pick one up for $6.50 usd or two for $10. Just send me a message telling me which pony you would like and I’ll give you my pay pal.
Also, if I haven’t designed it yet, I’ll even let you pick out the colours. (Except for the ponies that obviously have specific colour palettes. I.E. s’mores, think pink, lemon)

  1. fancy
  2. think pink
  3. chocolate
  4. apple
  5. stardust
  6. mixed drinks
  7. angelic
  8. gems/precious stones
  9. water
  10. stormy weather
  11. elemental
  12. sweets
  13. plush toy
  14. cappuccino
  15. s’mores
  16. lemon
  17. blood/gore
  18. rockabilly
  19. pastel goth
  20. tropical sherbet
  21. cotton candy
  22. bio-hazard
  23. pinata
  24. lolita
  25. punk
  26. peanut butter and jelly
  27. peacock
  28. tea and cake
  29. uniform
  30. villain
  31. war
  32. death
  33. famine
  34. pestilence
  35. conquest
  36. roman
  37. victorian
  38. edwardian
  39. medieval
  40. asian heritage
  41. music
  42. prehistoric
  43. mint/candy cane
  44. strawberries and cream
  45. glam rock
  46. gorgon
  47. bullseye
  48. tribal
  49. joker
  50. video games
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Full-Colour Chibi
$ 5.00

One full-colour chibi.

Additional characters can be added for an extra $2 per character.


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