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Happy New Year 2015!!! by Little-Noko

Happy New Year 2015!!!


31 December 2014 at 17:39:11 MST

Inspired of that old artwork:

I've not draw that Oc since a while already, here's Holly into his tengu form enjoying the winter snow fall~<3

I wish you an happy new year and hope this year will bring you ton of luck and nice memories. This year have been really rough and hard for me in many point, but I'm proud of what I've learn from my mistakes and my badluck. I learned more this year then the past 4 years to study at the cegep in art.

If you noticed it yes I've a new logo, because I think it would be nice to start that year with a fresh new start~

Little-Noko isn't a simple cute name I decided to pick randomly, Noko is from nokomis who mean 'girl of the moon' in inuktitut. Since I'm part native I've take a lot of time to find a name that represent me and since I'm someone who's more awake and active during the night I though Nokomis would represent me really well. So my new signature is a moon with my initial.

Hope you like it.

Art & Holly© little-noko

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    This is so beautiful! I hope you have the best 2015!!!!