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3 March 2016 at 19:19:58 MST

Okay, I had that in mind for a while now, and I though it could be fun to draw so here is my ‘artist profile’

Yup, I’m really short and no wonder why I like Sans so much, we wear pretty much the same clothes //shot badly.

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    I can't believe you're shorter than me! I am only slightly over I'm used to everyone being taller than me! XD

    I have lots of anime or gaming tee-shirts...unless I am working, then it's usually slacks/polo shirts. Unless I'm helping with a themed Children's program...then I'll find something to fit the theme. (I work in a Library.) :)

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      Ahaha well it's pretty easy to find people taller then me so i'm less surprised then you XD.

      -my mother is shorter then me from a few centimeters XD-

      And daaaw must be fun to work there !

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        My supervisor is like 6'5"--it's really hard to look up at him without my neck hurting! XD

        My mom is actually like 4'9" she's shorter than me, as well. :)

        It is...we had a Pokemon party day one evening last year (it was crazy-busy), I donated a lot of my old Pokemon cards. I also dressed up like a random Trainer, I had a belt pouch and PokeBall [toys] with tiny plush Pokemon in them. And a hat...every Trainer has a hat! XD

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          Oh my that sound so awesome XD

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            We have a Star Wars day coming up soon. I don't have anything I can wear, except a very old Millenium Falcon tee-shirt (laughs)...but I know there's someone who's going to dress as a Stormtrooper and help host the party. :) They plan lots of really good themed parties for the kids here...last week was Dr. Seuss day, so we had someone dressed as The Cat in the Hat read to children and lots of fun activities. :D

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              oh my ! you're library sound so awesome OO

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                Thanks! :D We try really hard to make it a fun place for that kids will want to learn to read. I know that getting kids to read anymore is we try to make reading fun, so that kids want to learn how! :)

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                  yeah, reading is really important, it's open so much possibilities, and learn to love reading is really difficult. I remember I've been introduced to kids novel at an early age, and I fell in love with it. I recall going to the library every days taking really huge books in the adult sections, the adult that worked there where impressed that I loved to read encyclopedia XD

                  And seriously, it's worth it.

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                    It is! There are so many books for so many children now...when I was a child, there wasn't the amount there is today. Dr. Seuss and classic picture book authors like Maurice Sendak and Rosemary Wells. If your child will only read books about there are a lot of different picture books with trucks in them (cartoon trucks that talk, or books about trucks!)--I think having the variety and knowing that there is a book there somewhere you can get a child interested in, getting them started early will help them love to read. Even children who just watch cartoons or play video games...there are books for them, too...with their favorite characters--there are even entertainment books for Minecraft fans! XD

                    And knowing how to read, even in today's evolving digital world...reading is still important. Even with emoticons, you are still typing and reading some sort of text. ;) There will never be a time when you do not need to know how to read, I believe.

                    It is definitely worth it. And seeing children check out armloads of books with smiles on their faces makes everyone happy! :D