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WEBCOMIC- Wanderlust Protagonist by Little-Noko

WEBCOMIC- Wanderlust Protagonist


24 August 2015 at 20:14:11 MDT

Ooooooooooookay, so here's a little preview of a project I'm talking about since a while already. I want to present you the two principal character of the story.

Some of you might know Harun, my mothman, which is an old oc of mine that I absolutely LOVE and CHERISH a lot. The other character is Sol, a Fae who love having fun. I don't want to talk about the story yet. ( I want to keep the surprise until the end, crual little me )

BUT I was so exited that I couldn't resist but show you the rendering of the webcomic looks.

Since it's a project with my partner neonbluh, both artstyle will be mixed together. I'm the one coloring the pages, so it pretty much give you an idea of how it will look~

If you have question about the webcomic, or if you're just curious,

Leave a comment below, and me and my partner will reply ^w^.

Art© little-noko
Wanderlust & Characters© little-noko & neonbluh

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...this is really cute!!! :D

    Now there's an artist I miss...since I'm no longer on is neonbluh doing? :)

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      He's doing really well ( i think he play terraria right now) we have been really busy working on that comic since the past few months, most everything we sketches and draw aren't uploaded on our account since it would be spoiler XDD

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        That's cool...I'm glad he's doing good! :) I look forward to seeing more of this comic you're doing together! :D

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          thank yoooou !!!

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            You're very welcome! :D