MAIL CALL! (SCS Newsletter) by LightLuxCollie

MAIL CALL! (SCS Newsletter)


15 January 2021 at 07:20:05 MST

A little something I made for my website.


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Disclamer: Mail Wolf may in fact be former male human. Saber Collie Studios cannot be held responsible for any awkward situations/conversations when engaging with said mail wolf.

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    You know, I was kinda inspired to do a character that has some similarities with Faye in how she got into the supernatural stuff and was a he before, basically he was a albino boy that got stabbed through the chest by a bunny goddess that chose him to become her representative on earth and turned him into a female bunny immortal X3c what you think?

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      Sounds fun and cute! You should do it.

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        Thanks ^^! it would actually be good to bring this concept back from years ago :3c