STARFOX PORTRAIT by Leonidas Draconic


Leonidas Draconic

7 August 2015 at 02:49:19 MDT

A bit of a Starfox tribute, if I do say so myself. I actually finished this piece a while ago, I just didn't upload it. I had the black and white picture laying around for quite some time, and decided to finish it up. The hardest part I think was assembling it in a way I actually liked. I first did Fox and Krystal on a separate piece of paper, colored, then cut them out. I did a watercolor galaxy on another piece, taking several hours to lay down all the stars. Then I simply glued the cutout against the background image and ta-da, this masterpiece haha ^w^

I hope you all really like and enjoy this piece. I'd really appreciate your thoughts on it :3c tell me what you think down below and have a wonderful day ^w^

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    Few hour for these stars? Pretty ineffective, you're very patient. Idea with glueing cut off characters is very clever, especially if you want to keep them separate from the background, and I have to say it works, cause colors match well, but it was risky. Fortunately your style is very cartoon, so the effect is very nice. Try to experiment with background, let randomness do the work. It can look way more interesting! Keep up good work :)

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      Wow thank you so much for the constructive criticism ^w^ I will take your advice, thank you :D

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        Thanks for the request, bud :D

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          no problem bro, your artwork is superb I must say :D

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            Oh, thanks you ^^;