I N A R I Album Cover Design by Leonidas Draconic

I N A R I Album Cover Design

Leonidas Draconic

7 August 2015 at 09:40:16 MDT

I just released a mash-up I've been working on for a while now to my bandcamp, this is the album cover design for it ^w^
This is a mash-up of the songs "Koto" by CloZee and "Hold My Liquor" by Kanye West. I loved manipulating these songs so that they went together, and in the end I was not disappointed. The design for this album cover stems from a wide variety of influences, such as the red bar at the bottom, which in all honesty i did for the scarf that the Japanese God, Inari wears; but in the end it resembles the red tape on the side of the Yeezus Album, Kanye Made, which contained the track, hold my liquor. The fox head represents the Japanese mythological god Inari Okami, which holds a key in its maw. Also funny enough among other things, it is a god of agriculture and wine, wine, alcohol liquor lol you get it xD As a last thing to mention, the characters above Inari's head read, "long life" and the ones below read "good luck" ^w^

This piece was done in watercolor, which is why it seems a bit blurred when in full view. I also incorporated prismacolor gray toning markers for the stone fox head and black sumi ink for the characters

I hope you guys enjoy this mash-up, I had a blast making it :D

Check it out here:

Let me know what you think down below :3c

Let me know what you think down below :3c