Funky Monkey by Leon 13

Funky Monkey

Leon 13

27 April 2019 at 16:43:21 MDT

Another fun little side project I was working on, this time, for my Companion, :iconRyanMonkey: and his character. Full Size version here:

-Outline: As with the last one of these pics, this is the lineart for Ryan that I used as a base for all the costumes. Since I don’t know his preferences, I preserved the modesty by drawing a sheet over him on another layer, similar to those old medieval cherubs.

-Undies: Ryan goes both ways, liking diaps and the “other undergarments” including Pull ups and Undies. I will admit though, he makes a pretty darn good model for them. Of course, that waistband is a very tempting target for a pair of scissors…

-Fantastic Monkey: Looking for Inspiration, I decided to give Ryan a “Fantastic Max” costume, since that is what got me into diapers into the first place. Ryan isn’t too big on Cloth Diaps though, so he’ll probably swap that out for a disposable. Hopefully he won’t have as many diaper malfunctions as Max did either.

-Streetz: Ryan mentioned trying Black as his new color instead of Red, and this was my first attempt. Ryan goes Urban with all black attire and some jewelry, plus a fancy disposable diaper with Graffiti styled patterns and hidden tapes. The Diaper is also bulletproof!

-Denim: This is a variant of one of Ryan’s normal outfits, a hoodie. He’s also clad in a very stylish Denim diaper in place of his baggy pants. Far more appeal in my opinion, despite the fact he can’t close his legs too much due to the thickness.

-Cheetah Slayer: Getting Stuck in the jungle raises all sorts of problems. One of the lesser concerns is acquiring new clothes. When Ryan loses his normal attire after going for a swim (some animals probably swiped it), he could make a leaf diaper. However, he took it several levels higher and killed an attacking Cheetah and used it’s pelt as a makeshift diaper, suspended by a tooth. Oh yeah, now he’s looking good!

-Espionage: Ryan slips on a pair of Covert Good Nites and a stealth jacket so he can break into the International Diaper Warehouse or something similar and look cool while doing it. Let’s just hope his Good Nites are strong enough to support a Rappel cable. Would be pretty embarrassing to see them get lifted up the wall without you.

-Sumonkey: While drawing the other outfits, I kept thinking “I should draw Ryan in a mawashi” but I kept telling myself “NO! Ryan probably isn’t into that as much as you are, you stupid wardrobe malfunction creep”. However, when I made it to the last costume, the idea seemed too good to pass up, so here we have Ryan clad in a sumo’s loincloth that barely covers himself, but thankfully, it’s still absorbent.

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