Diaperfur Artist Training Challenges by Leon 13

Diaperfur Artist Training Challenges

Leon 13

28 April 2019 at 13:06:09 MDT

Many artists have asked to see my list of Micro-Challenges from my “Diaperfur Artist Training” challenge I had a few years back. I’ve decided to post it here for easy reference and a cute picture. A scanned one no less, been a while since I’ve had one of those. There’s no reward for completing any of these, they simply exist as ideas to draw.

1: Draw a character in pajamas (Sleeper, nightshirt) with their diaper partially visible.
2: Draw a character in just their diaper (plus bra if adult female).
3: Draw a character in a skirt or dress, getting a gust of wind blowing it up and exposing the diaper.
4: Draw a character getting a diaper change by an automated machine.
5: Draw a character using their diaper pin to pick a lock.
6: Draw a character in an expanded diaper.
7: Draw a character in a damaged diaper (partially torn with holes).
8: Draw a character in an Exotic diaper (a diaper from another country, like Omutsu or Pelenkas).
9: Draw a character being forced to shake their diapered rear around in a dance.
10: Draw a character holding up their limp diaper (broken tape, untied, no safety pin).
11: Draw a character covering themselves with a blanket or something because they lost their diaper.
12: Draw a character using their diaper as a slang.
13: Draw a character getting their diaper pulled on by a fish hook.
14: Draw a character in multi-padding.
15: Draw a character stashing items in their diaper.

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