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Space birds in love by Leomane

Space birds in love


This week was a very affectionate and sunggly one for sure and that mood certainly helped to get this emotional and special sketch out of me. I'm pretty dang lucky that this feeling is coming to me more and more often thanks to the special one I'm with as well something this soft is pretty apt for the time of the year.

But yeah here we have a piece that features one of my cannon mated couples, Yuga and Gourand, who are enjoying some togetherness and alone time in the sunset hand in hand waiting for the stars to come out while relaxing on Gourand's old racing ship.

Being Vasuden they have an affinity for the stars, night and space, so speeding off together to some uninhabited place is one of their languages of love, there's a lot to unpack here and a lot of little nods to the TTRPG campaign, and well the fact they are together does mean this event takes place after the end of said campaign ( since Gourand rescued him in the climax ). Not only did I put some extra heart, time and effort into this one it's also one of my rare ones with two characters! Something I really want to improve on and do more of so that I can tell more story...
But yeah not to big of a surprise but yeah this is also heavily based on me and my love Danji's relationship.
I could go on way more about all this but I'll leave it here and let the warmth and affection wash over and in a rare extra bit there is sort of a song I was listening to that really sets the mood for this so enjoy some tunes along with it.
Katamari Damacy - Beautiful Star

Thank you again everyone!