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Clue by LemmyNiscuit



This year, for Halloween, I included several other friends in a party / dinner themed after the game of Clue! It's a blast - I'm sure that I'll live through the night. After all. These are my friends, right? They wouldn't do anything. Right?


This years' festive Halloween piece of mine is brought to you by SeaDewGin, thank you very much! Please be sure to check out the other posts as well:


Aggie, as Miss White with the Knife, is Aggie
Yuuma, as Colonel Mustard with the Revolver, is TsunderePanda
Dook, as Miss Green with the Rope, is LilDooks
Gin, as Miss Scarlet with the Lead Pipe, is SeaDewGin
Ann, as Mrs. Peacock with the Candlestick, is PSI
Lolly, as Professor Plum with the Wrench, is ButterscotchLollipop
I am Mr. Boddy
And Norville is the Butler, and also the one I'm most worried about


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