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I have been writing since before I reached double-digits in age. Weaving a tapestry of prose has always been a liberating and empowering experience for me. I grew up on being whisked away into fantastic epics and journeys, and had always fancied creating epics and journeys of my own in which others might be taken through.

While I once dreamed, and even tried, of publication, I have settled into enjoying the art of the pen as a hobby. My hope and goal is to write stories that everyone can enjoy and find satisfaction in; and that those who tend to dig much deeper than the surface can find themselves buried in rich ideas and intricately designed details.

If you are a new reader, please take your first step here, and let me know if the journey fails to beckon you onward.

All of my work is made public (with access-limitations in place as reasonably necessary with accordance to site policies). This means that no work is made exclusive for any individual or group, beyond access-limitations that would require to have an account on the site(s) that I publish to. Any use of exclusivity is for collaboration purposes only, and is temporary until the work is finished.

I am not open for requests or commissions. I do not accept monetary compensation of any form for my work (i.e. donations).

I am open to trades and collaborations, by request and as I have time, and I may reach out for doing so as well. I am only a writer, so if you are an artist please bear that in mind.

I may gift stories of my own volition. I also accept gifts of stories or art (:P) Please read below for more specific details.

If I write a story for you, you are welcome to post it if you would like (I'd like to know where, though). Since posting stories is different for a lot of sites, I will provide the material for posting, if you wish to post it.

For information on the themes I will / won't / might write, go here.

Adaptations of my stories are welcome, but please contact me first (I have written an adaptation and it's a lot of fun). I may request to review it prior to posting, mainly as a revision but in some cases to make sure I am okay with what was adapted; I offer this same courtesy for adaptations I do.

Use or borrowing of my characters within your own work is also by request. In some cases, I may request to review the work prior to posting, both as a revision and to ensure that I am okay with my characters' use; I offer this same courtesy for all characters I use or borrow.

All of my work is inspired by a combination of some personal experiences from my past, and stuff that sounds super cool in my head.

Themes in my work are not to be interpreted as things I necessarily have, will, or do believe or practice in reality; but as fictitious expressions meant to provoke thought, and entertain.

Any departure from that will be clarified within the piece of work, in some form (i.e. disclaimer / description).

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.

Note: This profile is mainly for foot-print purposes. Due to upload policy, I cannot upload all of my work, and so only a small selection is available. For my complete works, please see my profile on SoFurry or InkBunny.

Latest Journal

For Best Quality Image, Please View On InkBunny

tl;dr: InkBunny will now be my most complete, and highest-quality, gallery. Baraag and e621 will also likely have most of my gallery at the same quality as InkBunny. SoFurry and Weasyl will have the same quality as FurAffinity (1280x1280) and those posts will have a link to the InkBunny version; the most complete gallery in this case will be SoFurry, since it will also have all of my stories.

When it comes to art quality, I have the following desire: I want to have the highest quality image possible. This usually means I want the highest resolution, within reason. Usually on this internet you come across an image somewhere, then you find out there's a higher resolution of it somewhere else. Although sometimes a higher quality can actually be a lower res, but I digress.

Usually I, and I think most people, want high-res, quality images. But... Sites have limitations.

I was looking at my Christmas post on SoFurry, and I noticed that it (at the time of this journal) had a single 1-Star vote. I'm not about to whine about it; in general Raspberry doesn't get a lot of attention. But, it did make me think: "WHy would this only get a 1-Star vote?"

Well, perhaps it is because that person genuinely thought the quality of the piece was fit for only 1 Star. However, I sincerely doubt that, because I have a bit of context that might explain it as well.

When I first uploaded the picture onto SoFurry, it didn't quite display properly at first. If you went to the page, it would have looked like there was no image posted. There's an almost-invisible depiction of that "there's supposed to be an image here" icon, and if you clicked that it would take you to the SoFurry HD view where you could then clearly see the full image.

I can't remember when or why exactly, but I had this happen before. I think I was updating or replacing an image and it took forever for the replacement to take effect.

So, my guess is that someone went to the picture after it wa sposted, waited a second, but didn't see a picture load like it usually does. The person then went, "Well thi sis pretty lousy," and gave it a 1-Star and then moved on. Not that unreasonable, to be honest.

(As an aside, this is why I wish SoFurry would notify of all votes and not just the 5-Star votes, because knowing when this 1-Star vote happened would further validate my suspicion, as it took quite a while for the image to show on the main post.)

In this case, I believe the biggest blame lies in SoFurry's delay in displaying the image on the main post, which was in part caused by the resolution of the image (2480x3508). While SoFurry is able to handle an image of this size, when you get into the upper-thresholds of any site's limitations, some things are going to start going wonky.

And unless otherwise mentioned, I upload the highest resolution picture I am given, where I can. I typically have to scale down images for FurAffinity, as they only spport images of 1280x1280. Any more than that, and the file gets converted to a 1280x1280 .jpg. Another aside: Tthis is why if you ever download a pic from FA and the extension is a .png but if you try to open it, your image viewer may say it's not a .png, and when you change it to .jpg it magically works; this is because the person posting it posted a larger .png image, and it was downsized and converted by FA for them.

However, due to this recent event, I am now reconsidering this. While InkBunny's uploader is freakishly slow, the site tends to handle itself well. SoFurry also handles itself well, generally, but in this case it didn't. Weasyl I don't enough experience with; while I haven't seen any issues with displaying, it is fun how I'll randomly get an "oops" error. And FurAffinity has heinously low limits so it doesn't even count; if you get a gutter-ball in bowling when you have bumpers on, you have no excuse. Stay in your lane.

Right now, as I've made clear on the other sites, InkBunny has my complete gallery. But, I think, moving forward, it will have my complete gallery that is also at its highest quality. I think that, moving forward, I will post the same version on SF & Weasyl that I do on FA.

"But, Lemmy, why punish SoFurry for just one incident, and then drag Weasyl into it as well?"

Because I'm fat, old, and lazy :V But, as a better justification, I only post pictures suitable for a general audience on SoFurry, FurAffinity, and Weasyl. On InkBunny, you are able to view general-rated picutres without an account. So, I can easily upload to IB, and provide a handy link to it on all th eother sites. If your policy is not to go to InkBunny, well, I can't help you there. That's your boundary, and it's not really my job to cater to that, but read on and you may find a compromise or two. And, if you have an InkBunny account, well hey... Follow me there.

This doesn't necessarily mean that InkBunny will be the only place for these. After all, I also believe in redundancy in case something goes offline or gets lost. I have a Baraag that I haven't really used, yet. I also may create an e621 account to post things there, as I have some pictures up there that others have posted already, and it would be nice to have my images properly tagged and linked. These are places that can also handle the same version as InkBunny.

So that is what I think I will do.

InkBunny will now be my most complete, and highest-quality, gallery. Baraag and e621 will also likely have most of my gallery at the same quality as InkBunny. SoFurry and Weasyl will have the same quality as FurAffinity (1280x1280) and those posts will have a link to the InkBunny version; the most complete gallery in this case will be SoFurry, since it will also have all of my stories.

If you read through that whole thing, congratulations; it was probably pointless to walk through my thought-process but maybe you learned a thing or two.

I don't think this will ruffle any feathers or anything. But if it happens to... Okay.

Till the new year,

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