I have been writing since before I reached double-digits in age. Weaving a tapestry of prose has always been a liberating and empowering experience for me. I grew up on being whisked away into fantastic epics and journeys, and had always fancied creating epics and journeys of my own in which others might be taken through.

While I once dreamed, and even tried, of publication, I have settled into enjoying the art of the pen as a hobby. My hope and goal is to write stories that everyone can enjoy and find satisfaction in; and that those who tend to dig much deeper than the surface can find themselves buried in rich ideas and intricately designed details.

If you are a new reader, please take your first step here, and let me know if the journey fails to beckon you onward.

All of my work is made public (with access-limitations in place as reasonably necessary with accordance to site policies). This means that no work is made exclusive for any individual or group, beyond access-limitations that would require to have an account on the site(s) that I publish to. Any use of exclusivity is for collaboration purposes only, and is temporary until the work is finished.

I am not open for requests or commissions. I do not accept monetary compensation of any form for my work (i.e. donations).

I am open to trades and collaborations, by request and as I have time, and I may reach out for doing so as well. I am only a writer, so if you are an artist please bear that in mind.

I may gift stories of my own volition. I also accept gifts of stories or art (:P) Please read below for more specific details.

If I write a story for you, you are welcome to post it if you would like (I'd like to know where, though). Since posting stories is different for a lot of sites, I will provide the material for posting, if you wish to post it.

For information on the themes I will / won't / might write, go here.

Adaptations of my stories are welcome, but please contact me first (I have written an adaptation and it's a lot of fun). I may request to review it prior to posting, mainly as a revision but in some cases to make sure I am okay with what was adapted; I offer this same courtesy for adaptations I do.

Use or borrowing of my characters within your own work is also by request. In some cases, I may request to review the work prior to posting, both as a revision and to ensure that I am okay with my characters' use; I offer this same courtesy for all characters I use or borrow.

All of my work is inspired by a combination of some personal experiences from my past, and stuff that sounds super cool in my head.

Themes in my work are not to be interpreted as things I necessarily have, will, or do believe or practice in reality; but as fictitious expressions meant to provoke thought, and entertain.

Any departure from that will be clarified within the piece of work, in some form (i.e. disclaimer / description).

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.

Note: This profile is mainly for foot-print purposes. Due to upload policy, I cannot upload all of my work, and so only a small selection is available. For my complete works, please see my profile on SoFurry or InkBunny.

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If you have come across this profile from a submission (or otherwise) please note that this is a minimally maintained profile. I am not active on this site, and I am only posting excerpts of my full collection of stories. If you enjoy the excerpts and want to see more, please go to my SoFurry or InkBunny pages.

If you would also like to contact me, it is probably best you contact me via one of those accounts, as I may not check this one regularly enough.

The reason(s) I am not active here is likely due to a combination of the following:

This site has upload policies that mean I cannot upload the entirety of my work.

This site has an upload system that differs from other upload systems, and it's a pain in the tail to accommodate so many different upload systems.

I do not expect to have a very large audience on this site.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading!

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