Adventurer by LemmyNiscuit



29 March 2020 at 10:47:47 MDT

An awesome piece done by the wonderfully sweet OtoriGin, thank you so much! Please be sure to check out their post as well on InkBunny

Lemmy is me, and I love that Norville has a spoon x3

(For better quality, please view on InkBunny)

When I grow up, I wanna be an Adventurer! I want to travel the world, facing danger and peril! I want to discover new lands, places that aren't even on maps or that have names! I'll fight any monster or bandit that gets i nmy way, and help anyone in danger.

For my first Adventure, I've managed to find some Lgendary Armor from the kitchen a Master Blacksmith, who owed me one for feeding his cat wild beast while he was going to a business conference an exotic land to gather resources for his forge.

Donning the armor, and brandinshing my signature Skoonken Sword, I make my way to mom and dad's bedroom closet The Cave Of Rite, to look for the rumored Christmas Presents Treasures of Yule. As a Full-Fledged Adventurer, I have brought with me my apprentice and healer, Norville, to ensure that my first Adventure is a success. I have no doubt in my skills, mind you; I have honed them for at least a couple hours many years. But, an Adventurer must be prepared for anything.

Besides, Norville could use the experience and he wouldn't shut up his dang whining wanted to bear witness to what true heroism looks like. Who am I to deny such a request?