Painted dream by Leeden (critique requested)

Painted dream (critique requested)


19 January 2014 at 11:34:49 MST

At some point i was invited to an artist group and blog on tumblr, where everyone had to draw secretly for one another every once in a while.
I had to draw this one for moth-eatn.

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    Wowww. Your grasp of greyscale is absurd. What made you start experimenting with it?

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      Lundi's work made me jalous. :P

      Well i was working on a comic concept and i wanted it to be drawn in black and white. It looked like a really good exercise to me, leaving color for a while and just focusing on values. So i started a bunch of experiment pictures such as this one.
      In the end i finally made the comic in color but i really loved working in b&w.

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        I see! Do you recommend any specific sources?

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          Mmh depend on what you're looking for.
          If you wanna dig b&w composing, i shall recommand you a really good art book from Marcos Mateu-Mestre called "Framed ink". It's a really interesting book, with amazing pictures and ideas that can really help you think of other way of rawing.
          If it's a matter of style, well most of my current inspiration come from people from here and there, but mostly Pinterest. Just have to search for children/vintage illustration and you might find some really great stuff. Also lineless.
          I migth give you a few link but it would take ages just to sort my ref out so... sorry for being lazy ^^;

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            Oh good, I actually picked up "Framed Ink" recently but haven't had time to read it through! Glad to know I picked well. :D

            Thank you for the pointers. I've been dying to learn more technical stuff so I can get away from doing things I'm embarrassed to look at aftwards. :X