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Hey there and welcome to my page !

I'm just some silly french cartoonist who draw animals and stuff.
I paint, i drink, i swear a bit 'cause i'm in love, that sort of things.

I take some time to reply to notice if you want to talk to me



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Hi there, quick message.

I'm a bit aware of this collection feature the site have. I already posted a lot of pictures but didn't send any collection offer yet.
I'd like to send them to the people they belong but i'm not totally aware of who's on weasyl and with what pseudonyme so...
If you happen to spot a picture with your characters or something you commissionned me that i haven't sent a collection offer yet, just let me know here or on the actual submission comment and i'll apply as soon as i can.

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    Ca fait longtemps que je t'avais pas vue tien ! (Pardon pour la requette d'ami, j'ai appuyé dessue par accident. )

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    Wow, I need a commission from you!

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    Rimou m'a enfin donné ton FA. Dommage que tu l'es quitté et que je sois inactif sur weasyl ^^. Mais tu gagne un watch quand même. Dans l'espoire qu'on puisse se refaire un pti WE comme le dernier :D

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    I looooooove your art

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    Are you coming CesFur next year man? :D

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    I could post a comment on any one of your works of art, but they're all so flipping good so I'll just do that here. You're style is so unique and is very beautiful. Seeing the stuff you do makes me happy. ^^
    Deep is probably my favorite by the way. Those antlers!

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    I really like your style and the atmosphere in your drawings!

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    Thanks a lot for following me here too!