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Business Art Trading Cards! by LeccathuFurvicael

Business Art Trading Cards!


11 November 2014 at 15:02:57 MST

Trade them, collect them, share them, hoard them! Mwahahahaha! Free art and a fun way to spread the word around!

Too bad I can't give you all these cards as easily as showing images of them - these are cards I plan to continue to diversify. I have so many genres that I work in that it just can't be explained on one card alone! Also, I can tailor them to any particular audience that I'll be giving them to, and I'll be adding more to the mix when I can get a new color cartridge and some more business card template paper.

I will surely be adding a card or two to any traditional media commissions that I will take, so let that be an incentive for you! I want to work on traditional commissions! XD

Thanks for looking, and thanks for your support! <3 You are all awesome!

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    These are awesome business cards! :D I had an idea like this too for my cards. Just need to finalize what works to present. X3

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      Awesome! : D That would be awesome to have other artists who do this too - then we can have trading parties! XD laughs Picking the art to show on the back really is the hardest part (next to creating them and making sure everything aligns, etc.)! Thanks so much for your comment. ^^

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        Haha! I'm fairly certain there's a group out there for that. X3 And I know what you mean - I've scrapped a few ideas already just trying to find something nice to present. @-@

        You're welcome, though. Always a joy to see what you share with us next!