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Jury Duty (Informational)

on 22 July 2017 at 16:34:12 MDT

This is an informational journal about Jury Duty for those that are subject to being summoned, but have not been picked before. I believe many of us wonder what it would be like to sit on a jury if we were picked. I can go into as much detail as I want now as I have finished my duty and have been released by the judge. Please Note: This is based off my recent experience this past week. If you are selected yours may be different!

Case Details: This was a federal civil case about liability and seeking damages after an 18 wheeler crosses a median and a car on the opposite freeway struck it.

Basic Jury Information:

  • After you are picked the judge gives you instructions on conduct and what you are allowed/not allowed to do.
  • Depending on the case the jury size ranges.
  • Every time you take a break during the trial you are taken back to the jury room.

Things Jurors Can Do:

  • Leave during the Lunch to Eat.
  • Go outside during Lunch.
  • Discuss matters other than the case.
  • Ask general questions about Jury Duty of the Court Officer
  • Bring a Lunch instead of going out to eat.
  • Make friends with the other jurors.
  • Joke around with the staff when court is not in session.

Things Jurors Can't Do:

  • Talk with people about the case until the case is over and released by the judge.
  • Let their emotions sway their verdict.
  • Rely on outside information to come to a verdict.
  • Use a dictionary to define words during deliberation.
  • Search for information about the case at home.
  • Talk to the attorneys or their clients during the case.
  • Leave the jury room once deliberation has started.
  • Bring in a Cellphone
  • Bring in reading material for Breaks.

Other Miscellaneous Things about Jury Duty:

  • It gets cold in court so bring a jacket
  • The chairs are not very comfortable
  • The court I was at provided coffee and donuts to us
  • Be prepared to see some horrific images or videos
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