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Leash | She/Her | INTJ | ♐ | Homosexual

Hello! My name is Ally, but you can call me Leash! ;v; Thanks for visiting! <3
I love sharks and the paranormal, especially things like ghosts, the extraterrestrial, and cryptids

I'm really into video games, especially Life is Strange, Okami, Pokemon, and Harvest Moon
I also like anime, such as Darker than Black, HunterxHunter (2011), Gangsta., and Attack on Titan

I'm starting to take commissions here!

Latest Journal

Commission Info-Open

Please read before ordering
• Payment must be sent before I start, it won't go on my to-do list until payment is sent
• I accept paypal (USD!)
• A reference sheet is required, I won't accept a link to your gallery!
• A digital reference is preferred! I will only accept a traditional ref if the markings are clear and if you provide a digital color palette
• After you receive your piece, you may do what you want with it! All I ask is that you don't claim it as your own
• Please be patient with me in getting your piece done
• An extra character is +half of the original price, and I'll do a max of 2 characters! (e.g. $1.50 for an extra character on a chibi)
• I will not draw: NSFW, anything hateful/offensive

!! Please fill out this form when ordering!!
Username: who it's for
Commission type: chibi, fullbody, etc
Character(s): link to the character
Other info:

Journal Doll
$2.50, +$0.50 for shading!
feral characters only (150x150)

Pixel Drawing
$4.50 + $1.00 for shading
feral and anthro characters (about 300x300)


$2.50 + $0.50 for shading

includes shading

Reference Sheet
$10-12 (depending on complexity)
Now comes with 2 views, one with no accessories and one with accessories
Feral or anthro, +$2 for both, and only one has 2 views
Also comes with a color palette, paw pad color, and a headshot showing tongue/mouth color
Please provide an accurate picture and all of the info you want

Unlimited Slots! <3

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    Oh my gosh your art style is lovely! Welcome to Weasyl~! :D

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      Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it <33