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Keroro Platoon Assemble! by Leaphy

Keroro Platoon Assemble!



It recently dawned on me that I’ve never drawn the Keroro Platoon in my style, so I did just that. uvu

This is basically my headcanon if they looked a bit more frog-like, and each member is based off of a specific frog.

  • Keroro: Wallace’s flying frog
  • Giroro: Tomato frog
  • Tamama: Amazon milk frog (tadpole ofc)
  • Dororo: Blue poison dart frog
  • Kululu: Clown tree frog

Keroro Gunso © Mine Yoshizaki

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    Aw, dang, these little guys look great in your style. I love how smoothly the frog anatomy blends with the original look!

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      thank you very much! My aim was to make them as frog-like as possible, while still keeping their respective traits recognisable haha~

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    omg look at how perfect they are. This brings waves of flash backs of when I was super into this show. Man I should rewatch that. Kululu is so perfect omg

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      thank you very much, I had a lot of fun with this one~ also, you should totally watch it again! (admittedly i'm more familiar w/ the manga, and have seen only a few of the eps/movies lmao)

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      thank you!

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    INSANT FAV <3 I have not read the manga, but now I totally want to.. Seen a LOT of the episodes, though! But none of the movies.. Which of the movies did you see? :3

    GOSH I love that you used real frog species as inspiration.. And you picked the best possible ones to use, too! >w< Sooooo fitting!

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      Of the movies, i've seen the 3rd and 5th (my fave), tho i am planning to see the others eventually haha.

      Thank you very much! it was fun picking out the frogs that i thought best suited them, and there were so many to choose from.

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    These look fantastic, and I love the idea of basing them of specific species of frog to give them a little more distinction.