FNaF - Fredlins by Leaphy

FNaF - Fredlins


21 July 2015 at 20:26:06 MDT

Been thinking about the fnaf4 trailer a lot since it dropped, but especially the Fredlins (as i call 'em) and that Freddy plush on the protag’s bed.

I imagine the fredlins fighting over this doll and taking turns carrying it around (or possibly hogging it lmao) Maybe they would even see it as a 4th little bro! Sadly, these little guys don't always share and share alike haha.

Five Nights at Freddy's © Scott Cawthon

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    TBH I'm more excited for your fanart than for the game :P
    It's so different from the first- it's just... a money grab to me now. Even FNAF 3 was a bit of a let down.

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      thank you, i appreciate the compliment, but i think it's unfair of you to make such a dangerous assumption.

      scott is an artist and creator, just like me, saying that he's only doing what he loves for money is like those people who berate me and my friends for charging money for commissions. remember that he's only one man, and even though he loves making video games, he is using his valuable time, effort and skill to make these games. they don't just pop out of a void, and i'm sure you already know this. just take into account that you don't know the whole story he wanted to tell, or how many parts he needed to make, in order to tell it. you don't get to tell him when to stop, just because YOU think he's done.

      i'm not angry at you, or anything, i just want to let you know how sad it makes me feel when people compliment my fanart, while acting like scott's hard, honest work was anything but. i've gotten comments like yours many times before, so that's why i felt the need to speak up about it this time.

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        You know it was totally inconsiderate of me to make that comment in the first place. I wholeheartedly agree with you and quite frankly I'm ashamed of having even said that. I'm 100% behind artists getting payed for what they love to do, and me being an artist/wanting to work on games i understand the effort needed to produce these.
        If it makes you feel better, feel free to delete the comment- it was really rude of me. :) I'm glad you didn't get really upset at me (through text) and I hope you're not to upset now. I'm not exactly great at thinking before writing -_-;

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          Yea, don't worry, it's cool. i don't know how, but people tend to forget that scott is a one man team, an indie creator, and not some big corporate gaming company. i'm glad you understand, though, your response is very mature. =)

          but, yea, i'm not mad or upset at all, and i could hide it, if you want me to, i don't mind either way.

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    XD this is so funny.He doesn't want to share the Freddy Plushie to the other Fredlins X3