My Mouth's On Fire! by Leaf Thornton

My Mouth's On Fire!

Leaf Thornton

23 March 2015 at 17:20:38 MDT

Sometime in the future, Error Prossess (aka Meme) saved enough money from her odd jobs to open up a new barbeque joint in the city of Colmaton. To celebrate, the pika invited Bryon Walden (aka Phantom) over for some of her cooking. Bryon finds out about her signature "OMGWTFBBQ Sandwich" and decides to try it out despite her warnings.

As it turns out, the sandwich is made from the hottest peppers and spices she could use for the sandwich. After taking a bite, Bryon quickly learned why he should listen to the pika.

Bryon Walden/Phantom belongs to me.
Error Prossess/Meme belongs to   TheCanidean.
Artwork done by   bluwolf0.