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Run, Rabbit, Run! by Leaf Thornton

Run, Rabbit, Run!

Leaf Thornton

Bryon was relaxing in Peterson City Park in Colmaton one day when he had the misfortune of running into the bounty hunter and heroine named Calamity Jane. Back in May of 2013, Bryon had a $20,000,000 on his head because he was blamed for causing the infamous "Chicago Incident". Calamity had captured the rabbit in Chicago and collected his bounty. Several days later, however, she was forced to return the money when the rex rabbit had been found innocent and the real culprits were exposed.

Naturally, she was feeling very angry at the rabbit for losing her money. So when she spotted him in the park that day, she felt the urge to hogtie Bryon by his ears. The rex rabbit is regretting ever wearing flip flops today...

Artwork done by bluwolf0.
Bryon Walden/Phantom belongs to me.
Calamity Jane belongs to WolfRider.
BOS/Colmaton Universe belongs to Train and MojoRover.