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Ketchup vs. Mustard by Leaf Thornton

Ketchup vs. Mustard

Leaf Thornton

There are few things that Bryon Walden (AKA Phantom) cannot stand. Strangely enough, one of these is the condiment known as ketchup. As a Chicago native, the rex rabbit cannot stand the sight of it. To him, anyone that loves drowning their food in the gunk is completely nuts.

Kayla Bowles (AKA Voltage Vixen II) absolutely loves ketchup. Apart from the flavor, it also helps charge up her electrical powers. So when the two of them find out about their opinions of the tomato condiment, it leads to a bit of an argument.

Here, it seems that the argument has devolved into a classic food fight. Kayla is blasting the rex rabbit with a bottle of the offending condiment, while he retaliates with mustard packets. This could get messy...

Bryon Walden/Phantom belongs to me.
Kayla Bowles/Voltage Vixen II belongs to jrcarter.
BOS/Colmaton concept belongs to TRAIN and mojorover.
Artwork done by bluwolf0.