The sky is falling by Leafie

The sky is falling


17 July 2017 at 01:43:47 MDT

Quickie sketch of Tiger from Monster Rancher :3c

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    Literally the only reason why I ever watched any of Monster Rancher tbh. I mean nothing was cooler as a 9 year old than a blue wolf with horns that shot lightning out of them. I mean it's still pretty cool almost 20 years later, but I'm just sayin'.

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      Lol same here tbh
      I always thought the other monster designs were kinda goofy and I couldn't get into the storyline at all but Tiger was awesome xD

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        Yeah I... never really understood the plot. I get they were looking for a disc of a phoenix or something, but when monsters died they turned into the discs? And they could resurrect certain ones but not others? I mean I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff because it's been so long, but as a kid I was just really confused.

        The point is, Tiger was cool, the eyeball thing was weird and gross, the rabbit was an asshole, and Mochi was really annoying but I wanted to try the food he was based on because it looked delicious (and it totally is).

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    This is such a beautiful drawing! :)

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      Aww thanks :3c

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        You're very welcome. ^^

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    Tiger is just the best