Girl, You're HOT! by LaurenRivers

Girl, You're HOT!


1 June 2014 at 14:40:55 MDT

I knew that getting Lucy to open up out of her shell was going to be a challenge, so I brought her to the mall to do some shopping. Everything I had ever seen her wear had been very conservative and plain. Having seen her naked before I knew what kind of a hot body she was hiding, and from the looks of it she had never even realized it!

My first stop is the lingerie section, where I pick out a lacy pair of purple panties which I place into her hesitant paws. She looks around nervously like she's feeling guilty, and I shake my head and hold her paws. "Hey, don't worry! You trust me, don't you?" I ask.

"Yeah," she says, but I can tell she's still nervous.

"Just put yourself in my smooth hands and I'll take care of you." I smile at her, and pick out a rather sexy blue dress that shows off her legs and her shoulders, figuring that she's not quite ready for one that shows her cleavage. I hand her the garments and point her to the dressing room, where I wait until she puts both of them on one at a time.

I watch her feet, where I spot a pair of granny panties land by her feet as she steps out of them one at a time, and her clothes follow a moment later. After a minute, she peeks her muzzle out of the dressing room and steps one foot out, then the other. She looks down, embarassed and blushing as she looks at my feet.

"Oh, girl!"

"It's terrible, isn't it?"

"Girl, you're hot!" I tell her. I give her a loving kiss look at her, taking in her gorgeous form and smiling. "Don't change a thing! You're wearing that for the rest of the day!"

"People will look at me!" she whimpers.

I smile and shake my rattle. "Damn right they will! You're such a pretty wolfess, you should be proud of that fact! Now you come with me, we've got a lot more stores to hit!" I pay for the clothing and we gather up her old outfit, moving on to our next stop...

Art by rainartsink and wintersnowolf

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    Lucy looks smokin' hot in those girly clothes!

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      I love the ankle bracelet.

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        And I like the headband. ;3

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          Shy wolf girls are adorable. :)

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            So are shy bunnies.

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              Shy bunnies? :) Most of the ones I know are rather bold. :)

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                We can pretend sometimes, though. hehe...