A Story in the Stones by Lanovran

A Story in the Stones

A Story in the Stones


20 February 2018 at 07:57:24 MST

My first full recording of 2018, "A Story in the Stones," is a theme song for a relatively new character of mine named Shale Aravon, who happens to be an anthro maniraptoran dinosaur (specifically, Deinonychus antirrhopus); hence, his history is found amongst the fossils embedded in the rocks.

For Shale's song, I was going for a sort of tribal dance feel, as though for a ritual and/or preparation for the hunt. My bass Native American style flute, played in a "growling" manner, provides the throaty, chanting bass line. The percussion includes my Rav Drum (a.k.a. Rav Vast), my bodhrán, and that same bass flute, all played with mallets (the flute acting as a sort of log drum). The melody is played on my G major Hall Crystal glass flute.

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