Guardian (Revisited) by Lanovran

Guardian (Revisited)

Guardian (Revisited)


28 April 2017 at 12:49:56 MDT

This is a new recording of my song Guardian, which was originally featured as the titular track on my album of the same name back in 2012. There were aspects of the original version that I was never happy with (such as the short length of it, for one - it was initially recorded for a contest, and so had to be no longer than 2.5 minutes). As such, I felt that it was time to revisit this old favorite!

This could, to borrow a phrase from Fox Amoore's discography, be considered the "5-year anniversary edition" version of Guardian. :P It features my bass flute and bodhrán same as the original, but the primary flute this time is a new-to-me "fallen branch" style Native American flute made by Dale Robertson, playing the melody and harmony parts. The song is also longer now, at just under four minutes in length.

This song is essentially a "hero's theme" for my character Lanóvran. In fact, the name Lanóvran translates to "guardian" in the fictional language from which it originates.

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