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Tumblr Commissions - Batch 1 by LadyZolstice

Tumblr Commissions - Batch 1


7 June 2013 at 06:27:55 MDT

I've been doing a lot of business over on tumblr lately! :D These are the first two completed batches of orders, and they were lots of fun. It's nice to get paid to A: draw people and B: draw Bioware fanart. :3

From top to bottom, left to right, the tumblr usernames are:

apostates, korsithkoris

hot-elf, dirtyanonsofthedas

vexxiboo, myrothia, ariakitty, buttsofjustice, valerie1972


Alistair, Bethany and Carver belong to Bioware

All other characters belong to their respective owners!


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    What is your Tumblr? Good stuff as always.

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    hnggg - still need to get moar arts from youuuuuuu