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Lus' Robo-Golem-ification (by Bounce) by LadyIllusory

Lus' Robo-Golem-ification (by Bounce)


"Oh gosh, I'm gonna be a witch! This is so exciting! I wonder when they're gonna- W-What's happening to my legs?!"

"M- My body feels so heavy and stiff and I'm..." *huff huff* "-I'm getting so big. It's getting hard to stand but it feels sooooo good and my... my hand-hooves are fusing and not having dexterity feels so... right, and wearing a saddle feels so comfortable. This is am-" *Mmmmph!*

*Bleat-bloop* "Oh gosh... I'd love to help with that ritual!"

A sequence by the wonderful Bounce Bounce as part of her now-over spooky sale (but the plush witch with electric candles is adorable, so you should go look at the sale page anyway.

While joining Bounce's coven did sound really good, 'The Witch's Collection' prompt in the spooky sale sounded really good too, but I was having a hard time deciding between 'familiar', 'magical automata', and 'object'... until my friend DrakenTenuem put the idea of a clockwork 'bou in my head. Technically I'm all of the above!

And a huge thanks to Bounce for putting up with me as I bounced details off her and talked things through, since I went in with a bit less specificity than I usually aim for. And gosh… the result was wonderful! I love the expressions of surprise at first, which turns to just… such enjoyment. And the robo-golemification looks so good on me! So big and yet still friend-shaped, with a nice finish to my panels, such lovely arcane accents, and of course some stylish-yet practical bits like my saddle with storage pouches, my mana collectors, and my lovely glass udder full of mana potion!

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