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Lus, Caribou Pufftaur (Alt) (By Flittermilk) by LadyIllusory

Lus, Caribou Pufftaur (Alt) (By Flittermilk)



*What do you think, darling?*

A positively wonderful commission of Lus as an inflate-a-taur with a big, shiny pufftaur rump, done by the delightful Flittermilk!

Absolutely smitten with his pufftaur design! The big, round, squeaky bottom with the stiff, boppy limbs... only capable of creaky wobbles and a slow, squeaky waddle... The printed-on cloven hooves and saddle... the inflatable floof where the anthro and pufftaur halves meet... It's all so good and I wanna do more like it! 💙💨

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Non-udder alt is here.