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Mission Boupossible (By ProjectPorygon) by LadyIllusory

Mission Boupossible (By ProjectPorygon)


Seems like your prized blue rose is The Bou Rose now. And is delicious.

How did I get past all the security? I'm a deer. We will get into your garden, darling.

Been a while since Lus has nommed on a good garden! Been sitting on the idea of Lus getting into a very-high-security garden for... uh... a long time now, and finally decided to make it happen. And ProjectPorygon did an AMAZING job on it. The sneaky rubber suit and night-vision goggles look great, and they absolutely went above and beyond on the background! <3

To point out a couple easter eggs, two of the artworks on the wall are earlier pieces I've gotten from them; Inflatable radstag Lus and a piece they did of my rubber sheep (NSFW), and I'm not sure if this one was intentional but the pink "Lus Rose" on the shelf looks like when rubber Lus ate your plastic plants.

Go fave and leave kind comments on the artist's original upload (on dA)!