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Wine Aunt Lus (by Amara_Burrger) by LadyIllusory

Wine Aunt Lus (by Amara_Burrger)


Darling, would you be a deer and get your auntie Lus another glass of rosé?

Thank you very much, darling. Now have I ever told you about that time your Themtie Syl and I...

A gorgeous commission from the lovely Amara_Burrger of an older, more matronly Lus!

Once again, blame my pal DrakenTenuem for this one. After I got a very gravid rubber bou piece for Mayternity they gave me a poke to the tune of "MILF Lus when?" A little chat about how I wasn't interested in having fawns and how it would be possibly to have motherly energy without actually being a parent... and the idea of fun, wine aunt Lus came about. Gorgeous dress that highlights her matronly curves, neckfloof that's gotten more regal with age, and loves to spoil her nieces/nephews with the things their parents wouldn't approve of, and tell the good stories they'd rather she didn't. Also, I'm sure auntie-taur would be a huge hit at family reunions.