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Special Promotion! (by Shinkei-Shinto) by LadyIllusory

Special Promotion! (by Shinkei-Shinto)


Hurry into the Caribou Milk Boutique! We've got several varieties of the freshest, most delicious 'bou milk! And right now we're running a special on 'bou nog! I make that one myself!

Caribou Nog? Why darling, that's what you get when you milk a magical, synthetic bou!

A fun piece of synthetic-'bou Lus out on the shop floor for a bit, uploading a selfie to her Twitter to promote the special they're running on her 'nog!

Another incredible piece by shinkei-shinto, done as a "No.6" add-on during their 'Join the Herd' YCH series, which you should absolutely check out! And the rest of their gallery too!

Oh, and go favorite/comment on the artist's original upload too!