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Lus Reference (By Skyie-Fyire) by LadyIllusory

Lus Reference (By Skyie-Fyire)


Finally got a reference of Lus! Done in Them's Fightin' Herds style by skyie-fyire! Check out her original upload!

Per the artist's page, this is not to be uploaded to pony-related -boorus or imageboards.
I haven't seen it happen yet, and I'm okay with Lus showing up on imageboards as long as the pieces are properly linked to either the artist's upload or mine and tagged correctly, but this specific one is a no.


Click here for the inflate-a-bou ref. (SFW here)
Click here for the inflate-a-bou ref flat version. (SFW here)
Click here for an anthro ref.
Click here for the inflatable anthro ref.
Click here for the flat version of the inflatable anthro ref.
Click here for my alternate, latexified palette.

Art notes:
-(All) Body shape/build - Varies between something more realistic, and something inspired by the style of Them's Fightin' Herds. If I'm commissioning you I probably like your style of deer, so don't change it too much!
-(All) Antlers - Six point, crescent shaped, present at all times.
-(Anthro specific) Feet/legs - Always digitgrade/unguligrade anthro (hooved, satyr-like legs).
-(Anthro specific) Hands - Heavily prefer hoof hands with two fingers plus a thumb in the blue of her hooves/antlers
-(mostly for NSFW) Udder - Has a petite but visible deer udder. It's full of rich eggnog.
-(All) Materials - Lus loves being a sleek and shiny synthetic deer, but loves fur and floof too!
--Examples of synthetic and natural Lus are linked above
--Sometimes a realistically shaped inflatable, sometimes solid rubber. Depends on mood!
--Her synthetic form has an alternate black/blue palette, usually (but not always) for extra-kinky occasions. Artists: I'll let you know if we're using those colors instead of the ones here (and those alt colors are only for synthetic Lus)
-(All) Accessories - An eartag bearing her nickname "Lus", worn on her left ear (her off side). Pronouns (she/her) also nice if there's room on the tag (An idea "borrowed" from WhinnDoe), or possibly other things to be discussed. Not always present (less common in inflatable form), and doesn't always need to be readable, but nice to have.
-(Anthro-specific) Clothing - Prefer either enough fur to be considered modest, or an elegant dress with a hole for her tail so it isn't uncomfortably constrained.
-(Anthro-specific) Height - I picture Lus about 5' 6" not including her antlers, give or take.

I've got a whole folder of "this was great, I'd love to be drawn like this again" if it helps (On FA).

Bio: (If I've linked you this for art instructions, you're welcome to skip this)

Illusory Rangifer is a reindeer doe with a few different forms depending on the setting and her mood. Anthro/feral, natural/synthetic are the most common, but chocolate and deer-taur were fun too. She's a bit timid and a bit flighty (she's got some deer instincts, even as an anthro. Also will eat your plants), but also curious (sometimes too much so). In settings where she's comfortable the timidness can fade and she can actually become quite chatty, and at times even a bit flirty/slutty. She has a bit of a flair for the elegant and a dislike of dirt and sweat, which is part of why synthetic forms with floof that's always perfectly molded and a shiny skin that easily wipes clean appeal to her.

Her primary/secondary/accent colors are dark brown/tan/sapphire blue, as shown. This is a constant across all forms (as much as possible).

She has some limited magic abilities, which her antlers serve as a conduit/focus for. These include some small ice magic (for keeping cool), some telekinesis (mostly used in feral form since hoofs are less useful than hoof-hands), and some transformation magic (for shifting between forms, and maybe transforming others).

Her udder is a little larger than average for a deer, but still small overall. Instead of deer milk it's been enchanted to produce a rich, luxurious eggnog, which she bottles and gifts to friends or sells at a local farmer's market as a tiny little side-business under the name/branding of "Caribou Creamery". Asking to "sample from the tap" is a good way to get a cloven hoof to the face, unless you're a good friend.

Her exact background varies since I've put her in fantasy, present-day, and sci-fi settings and can't keep 100% consistency between them, but there are some common elements. She's from the outskirts/suburbs of a larger city, so she can be a city deer, but also get away from things and embrace her cervine side. She's modestly successful at some type of unspecified artisan/white-collar job, which makes her more knowledgeable on techy/mechanical things than is expected of a reindeer doe. She's generally fine with the quiet life, but occasionally dreams of stardom and/or adventure. She isn't a fan of the heat and prefers the cooler seasons, but has mixed feelings about the winter holidays since she gets a lot of attention for being a reindeer, but wants to enjoy the winter calm

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