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I'm a writer.. NOT an author.. and sometimes I tinker with Daz3D/ 3Delight... I'm newbie in 3D, so don't go berserk mode.. I mostly make something more or less NSFW stuff..

You can find my stuff from Hibbli3D webshop.. direct link ->

Contains 3d comics (pics and story pdf) ...and also few text stories (no pics, just text)

If you are interested, do check into freebies section.. Hopefully you like those ;)

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on 27 May 2017 at 12:21:28 MDT

I have thought about these for a long time now.. but I guess, it's about the time do something about this..

I'm open for Commissions.. if you are interested, do let me know..

I can write a stories and make 3d pics for you.. But do understand that subject of the commission should fit into my own taste.. best way to know is, that you ask me and tell me your idea.. Do you need a story, or just pics for certain idea..

Currently, I can't make 3d model from real person, so don't ask..

I have access into Hibblis chars, if you are looking for custom pic set with them..


  • Pics (few pics, 1-5) 10-20 € / pic
  • Pic sets.. depends from the needed time, work and how many pics are wanted

  • Stories.. depends from the idea, base cost 20€.. Base story contains 3 pages, A4 size/font 10, longer stories +5€ / page. Do know, that stories are proofreaded and edited before final delivery. English isn't my native language, so for Your enjoyment, editor will make sure that there isn't stupid mistakes.


Through paypal and paypal only. I will give address when it's needed. Before I start on your commission, I ask 10€ frontpayment from you. It's more to make me feel that you are serious with commission and my time while working on it isn't wasted time.

Commissions and privacy..

I do take liberty to use pics that I make in my gallery, but if you want private commission, for +20€ all material that I write or render for you, remains hidden and between just me and my client.

Plenty of text, numbers and so on.. oh, just ask me and have little chat.. I tried to give just rough rules, that I could think of.. Every commission is unique, everyone has different point of views.. Ask, tell me about your idea and I'll try to give you fair deal.. Send a note or email me..

Thanks for viewing..

Adara ;)

Also.. my other stuff can be found from Hibblis webshop..
If you wanna support my work.. Thanks!!

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3d pics

basic commission price/pic
€ 10.00

Ask if you have something in mind.. :)


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