Nightingale tubetop Progress 2 by LABINNAK (critique requested)

Nightingale tubetop Progress 2 (critique requested)


4 February 2014 at 13:57:52 MST

AnddddddSo here it is! My progress so far on my Nightingale cosplay for Katsucon! (which is in 10 more days so I need to get to finishing this soon x_x)

Costume Information

Material: Pleather, foam, acrylic paint
100% Handmade by LABINNAK
Design Based on Elder scrolls series

Let me know what you guys think so far! I do indeed take costume commissions, so if you're interested please private message me, or email me at and I can determine a price and what not.

Hope you guys like it! Let me know if there is anything that looks a bit off and what not. :)